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3onic® Schnurrer®

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At 3onic we make human-centered technologies our business to participate with balanced high-tech solutions in evolutionary continuity.

Businesses and consumers alike have come to expect human-centered operations. 3onic provides solutions to ensure this availability. With seasoned Silicon Valley and industry veterans, 3onic has plenty of hands-on expertise.

3onic delivers the most advanced solutions, tightly integrated with today’s leading technologies and ethical policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Schnurrer?

The Schnurrer® is a bionic form of vibration therapy designed to support you in the process of regeneration or relaxation.

Against what does it help?

The Schnurrer® can help accelerate the healing process of injuries such as fractures or strains by a significant factor. It can also be used for relieving muscle tension and stress.

How can I test it?

You can conveniently test the Schnurrer® at home for 14 days to experience its effects firsthand and see the results for yourself.

How long should I use the Schnurrer?

We recommend applying the Schnurrer® continuously to the affected area for optimal results.

Is it hygienic?

Yes! The housing of the Schnurrer® is made of cork, making it antibacterial, antistatic, and antifungal. This ensures that the Schnurrer® remains hygienic even after contact with the skin.